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About Sheana

With passion for health and well-being

Sheana Gollert is the creator of SheGO Pilates and Metabolic Reset. She has been working in the Health and Wellness field since 2002 and passionately believes that the power of Pilates and Nutrition combined, is preventative medicine for ageing, metabolic disorders and overall health.

Sheana holds a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (study of human movement), is a fully certified Stott Pilates and pre/post natal Pilates and Garuda Instructor, Precision Nutrition Coach and Metabolic Specialist with a background in Athletic training and Nutrition. Her previous work includes directing Nutrition and Exercise departments for various companies in Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago as well as an educator for Metabolic and heart rate training and programming for Personal Trainers and athletic groups.

Scheana Gollert

The ease of creating a balance

Sheana moved to Stockholm, Sweden in 2015 and instructs private and group classes in Pilates. In 2021 Sheana began accepting clients in her Metabolic Reset program which is designed to get you past platues and create the best body you can through mind, body, exercise and nutrition. Sheana has successfully designed weight loss, age management, cardiovascular and strength programs for individuals of all levels. She has overcome her own battles with finding balance in food and exercise and wants to help others by teaching them the science and ease of creating a balance. Your body can work for you and not against you once you learn how fuel it properly. Sheana continues to educate herself and others with new studies, supplements and information and is excited to continue to grow the SheGO community.

SheGO Pilates is a place to get stronger, from the inside out. Let Sheana help you create balance in your body and mind and live your best and healthiest life.

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Sheana has completely changed my body, inside and out. I have more energy, I lost the stubborn weight and I look the best I have in years!”

– Susan, 38 years old

“I can finally wear my pre-baby jeans again! Her program was so easy to follow and the results are immediate”

– Helena, 33 years old